segunda-feira, 7 de julho de 2008

Why can’t you find another why?

Stop putting yourself down.
Don’t get hard on yourself.
You just can’t sleep.
You didn’t do wrong
Don’t. Blame. Yourself.
No speach.
Been there myself.
Promise me.
Can you control yourself?
I know it’s killing you
I won’t stick around
to watch you get colder.
But now I’m a little older.
It’s just the loneliness.
I don’t blame you if you blame me.
I know I was wrong, I just cannot contain this.
This ain’t right.
And if it’s a crime, then, can you explain to me?

We are all a little insane.

All the ‘love you’.

2 comentários:

Rute disse...

"We are all a little insane" True.

DRT ****

Anônimo disse...

This ain’t right.

These kind of things are the worst to accept, they stay in our head, not for what they are, but most of all for what they could have been...

Big kiss.