domingo, 17 de maio de 2009

You called me beautiful.

I was blind, for the first time.
You were perfect, and it was not fair.
And it was all your fault for turning me your back.
But you called me beautiful, and it was perfect still not fair.
And I've hurt myself in you.
So I guess I was trying to think about how would I be able to end up with you.
And I didn't even mind if I did take all the steps.
And it was not fair.
But we were really awesome together.
And then I started trying to figure out what else to say.
And I couldn't turn back, because you were perfect.
I guess it was all my fault.
I would never pull the trigger, so I cried a thousand times.
I've been bleeding to death, but I would never turn my back.
And it was all perfect, and you called me beautiful.
I've heard it was me you were asking for.
And we could have been really awesome together.
But that I just won't do.
And I started thinking how could I go away, but probably I would do that wrong too.
And I'm bleeding inside, but I don't even mind, because I've just lost my mind.
It's all your fault, you called me beautiful.
And you're right, I am beautiful.

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Ines disse...


And yeah, you sure are beautiful... and they try, and they pretend to be perfect, but they'll NEVER (EVER!) get somewhat close to you!!!

Piu piu <3