quarta-feira, 29 de outubro de 2008

=D Música do Dia!

Take your time
Be it mine
'Cause I will be
All the strength you need
And I will show you a way

I don't mind
If you cry
I want to be
Holding your hand
And you can feel
You can lean
Don't turn away

All is lost
But if you try
You can see
There's a place for you
Where I will know
Your pain
Don't turn away

It's in believing
No good deceiving you
There's a place for you
You'll just have to keep it strong
And I wont turn away from you 

2 comentários:

Rute disse...

=D Beautiful!!! Adoooro!

GotchyaYinYang disse...

Muito bonita mesmo esta música e letra :)! Adoro-te padrinho!!!!