terça-feira, 23 de outubro de 2007

thank you

You were right. I found a new soil for me. A fertile soil where I can feed each of the colors that my soul is made of. I apologize for not believing earlier, for not opening my mouth, for not letting all my sorrow burst out, for not trusting my head back, fearing I would fall and none one would catch me... I swallowed this new born light, and you were right again for that all my darkest skies, although knowing they won't definitely disappear ( for they never do), were teared apart by this Sun in my life... My petals always knew within themselves how to shine anew. They may be coal-black as you so well know, but shine they do.

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Ivan Figueiras disse...

Le noir est la plus belle couleur, puisqu'il abrite toutes les autres! *