terça-feira, 3 de julho de 2007


I wanted to play the bear, I ended as a squirrel. I was going to play the shark, but the seal was stronger. I played the wolf, my skin was all dry, my fur all shiny, my eyes really black, my lamb enclosed inside. And as I said those mistaken words, I dry drew hydrogenate every cell in my body. I am a wolf, for I wear a lamb heart, squirrels brain and seals back. For I am a wolf, as my teeth penetrates your skin, I lick my insides out, so that my lust doesn't catch me here. As a big wolf I dream, I think really deep thoughts, and I sink inside my turmoil, and I stink outside my envy. And what do wolfs dream about? They dream about emptiness, nothingness, colorfulness, restlessness, prey and hunter, in one straight line, hunting the hunter, and runing from the prey. I am grey and black, and blue as you needed me to be. For I am a wolf.

Um comentário:

Rute disse...

Wow! Consegui ver a transformação! Este ar novo sabe bem. Liberta o Lobo em ti sim! É lindo e meigo como nenhum outro, porem ainda selvagem e enigmatico.

I can see all that in your eyes. I read them, you know. ;)