quinta-feira, 14 de junho de 2007

5 minutes

5 minutes of thought
5 minutes that I was sure that it would be harder
5 minutes of trying
5 minutes when everything became easier
'and I tried, I tried, I really tried'
5 minutes of laugh
5 minutes of feeling
5 minutes of love
5 minutes ...
my lovely head
'my lovely mirror
my mirror look'
5 minutes of everything
my heart of everything
just for you.

3 comentários:

Rute disse...

A porta são 5 minutos de passagem. Depois disso, toda a dúvida todo o medo... Desaparece tudo e ficamos... floating... YEAHHHHHHH

Nechtan disse...

Five minutes of love
Five minutes of hate
Five minutes I try to call your name
Five minutes of passion
And no one knows the right place to go
No meaning or just self-control maybe
Five minutes of everything
Of everything


Firefly disse...

alguem k reconheceu a musica! =) fantastico!