quarta-feira, 7 de fevereiro de 2007


There was time, there was a time before this time. It was colorful. Even in it's colorfulness there were dark stars. Some shone right in front of me, others right behind me, the ones on my sides don't matter. There was a reflection, a light, it poured in the wall, in the great fucking wall right in front of me. And I thought: "let it shine, or let it admit". I don't care. Not anymore.
There was a time right before that one, when buildings where too strong, when the world melted away. But more importantly, there was a time before that one. And that one alone, only two people know. One too far away, the other... even more away. None felt it. None knew. None know. Besides me. This great time came back, where future, past and present melt away. Only numbness stays here.

And the eternal tormenting, craziness, despair that comes with each moon.

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